Aftersales assistance – The Itipack Factor

Aftersales assistance – The Itipack Factor

An Itipack’s key factor is represented by aftersales assistance which is considered as part of the product selling itself.

Our Service Team is characterized by continuous training, in addition to periodic live training sessions for new technicians and partner’s staff.

The options of assistance we can offer are divided into:


Remote Assistance

Itipack provides support through telematic assistance.

-VPN connection

-Remote management connectable via pc, using remote control computer software


Onsite Assistance

Our technical specialist perform an advanced machine screening check and repair, if needed a survey of both electronic and mechanical parts is issued to facilitate the spare parts ordering process.

In order to increase the productivity and guarantee the maximum plant efficiency, Itipack Service Team has  implemented a checklist to carry out targeted controls.

This procedure allows to bring out defects or problems and immediately inform the client.


Last but not least Itipack Factor

A special mention must be done for our global network of technicians.

Whenever the client may need any assistance, this network allows the client to be quickly reached by highly qualified experts for maintenance, assistance and programmed interventions.

Itipack’s prompt support allows to reduce at minimum the risk of downtime, guaranteeing an excellent service and extended life to all machine parts.

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