Project Focus: Helpful solutions if you hold and handle metal sheets

Strapping machine for metal sheets

Project Focus: Helpful solutions if you hold and handle metal sheets

Whether you are working on metal industry -especially if you carry and handle metal sheets- you require equipment that you can rely on.


In the production line, you will undoubtedly have had special requirements.

You probably ship pallets of different sizes, so the packaging will have to be customized according to size.

That is why we offer you advanced systems designed to automatically check the position of the pallet and correct the position of them during the strapping process .

Do you need to catalogue your products before packing them?

Here we are! We can provide an advanced reading device able to read QR Code or barcode containing all the information about each single pallet.



Since human intervention can be a limitation in large continuous production runs – where precision and speed of execution can be decisive – we studied a particular motorized turntable that checks the alignment of the pallet and makes the correction.



This system automatically moves and finds the holes where the strap has to pass through.

Sometimes the holes for different kinds of pallet can be extremely small (60 x 60).

Our systems are able to find the correct position for all different kinds of pallet.

What about safety transport of the package?

Do you need a protection for your pallet?

Any Itipack machine can be equipped with different corners protector applicators

and this allows to apply different corners (small or long) in different positions (top or bottom) of the package.



The last step: information applied on the pack.

With a special label printing, we can add all the package informations on your package.

This labelling system is made by a 5 cartesian axel device and automatically detects the position of the package and applies the label in the proper position.



Now that you have had the chance to read about the benefits of our solutions, it’s time to create a plan! Adopting a strapping system puts your business one step ahead of the competitors.

Our sales process begins with a consultation that helps assess your needs.
Next, our sales&technical team works with you to design and build the appropriate equipment able to suite you and your workspace.

If your Company works with sheets products, Itipack is your go-to manufacturer that can build a strapping machine completely customized to match your company’s needs.